Specialty Vinegars

Red Wine Vinegar

This beautiful wine vinegar is garnet red in colour, slightly tannic on the finish, and has a lower acidity than most aged wine vinegars.  Red Wine Vinegar can be used in salad dressing, sauces and can also be cooked in reductions to make sauces which will turn sweet with a faint tangy bite. Reduction sauce can be drizzled over vanilla ice cream and figs to create a very complex, interesting dessert. Pairs exceptionally well with Blood Orange, Cilantro & Onion, Harissa, Basil and Rosemary olive oils.

Oils can only be purchased at Aird Family Farm.

Sherry Wine Vinegar Reserva

Sweet, savoury and tangy, this Sherry wine vinegar is remarkably complex and delicious.  This is an essential ingredient for most serious cooks. It adds wonderful flavour to any type of meat, vegetables and sauces. It also makes a great dressing.
Pairs exceptionally well with Blood Orange, Garlic, Mushroom & Sage, Rosemary and Chipotle olive oils.

Oils can only be purchased at Aird Family Farm.

Serrano Honey Vinegar

Serrano Honey Vinegar: is sweet, tart, and spicy and made from 100% honey. Amazingly complex, makes a great addition to salsa, Ceviche, Bloody Marys & shrimp. Delicious drizzled over sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese. Add to dressings for leafy green, potato, pasta and rice salads. Toss with sliced strawberries and a grinding of black pepper for a delicious dessert. Can be used in place of traditional grape-based vinegar.
Suggested Pairings: Our Serrano Honey Vinegar pairs with all EVOO’s, Blood Orange fused olive oil, Garlic olive oil, Chipotle olive oil.

Suggested Meats: Pork, Poultry / Suggested Veggies: All vegetables
Other applications: Cheeses, mixed drinks, fruits
Preparation: Salad: Combine 2 parts Olive Oil with 1 part Serrano Honey Vinegar. Whisk together and serve. To emulsify dab in a small amount of dijon mustard or light mayo and continue whisking. Oil and balsamic will become creamy in appearance. Refrigerate remaining amount for up to 3 days.

Marinade: Combine equal parts olive oil with equal parts Serrano Honey Vinegar. We recommend preparing enough to cover the meat. Place in zip-lock bag and squeeze out air. Place in refrigerator for at least six hours.
Note: For Fish, Seafood (catches from the water) we recommend rubbing the olive oil into the raw meat in the absence of the balsamic vinegar for approximately 30 minutes. We remove the balsamic during the marinade to eliminate the chance of the acidity in the vinegar from “cooking” the delicate meat. After cooking toss/drizzle meat with combination of Olive Oil and Balsamic.

Oils can only be purchased at Aird Family Farm.

Pinot Grigio White Wine Vinegar

Crisp, dry taste – Our Pinot Grigio Italian wine vinegar begins with estate-grown Pinot Grigio grapes fully ripened and brimming with characteristic varietal flavor at harvest. The grapes are crushed immediately after harvest and naturally fermented. Our vinegar is barrel-aged in vintahr oak barrels to soften, balance and add complexity to the vinegar. Use Pinot Grigio Italian Wine vinegar in marinades, as a secret ingredient in fresh vinaigrettes, or when deglazing a sauce. Ingredients: Pinot Grigio Grapes
Pairing Herbs de Provence infused EVOO & Mushroom and Sage infused EVOO

Oils can only be purchased at Aird Family Farm.

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