Black Angus Beef

100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished

Pasture raised on a rotational grazing cycle on the farm
Antibiotic & Hormone free, regenerative all natural.

Steak Package size Price per lb
Tenderloin & Tenderloin Tip ½ lb $25.55
Prime Rib 1 lb $17.50
Porterhouse 1 lb $16.35
Rib Eye 1 lb $18.65
T-Bone 1 lb $15.15
Strip Loin 1 lb $12.85
Sirloin 1 lb $11.65
Round 1 lb $9.35
Blade 1 lb $8.15
Flank 1 lb $8.80
Wing 1 lb $8.80
Roasts Package size Price per lb
Prime Rib 3-4 lbs $16.35
Short Rib 3-4 lbs $12.85
Eye of Round 3-4 lbs $12.85
Sirloin 3-4 lbs $11.65
Cross Rib 3-4 lbs $11.65
Rump 3-4 lbs $11.65
Round 3-4 lbs $9.35
Blade 3-4 lbs $8.15
Brisket 3-4 lbs $7.60
Braising Ribs 2-3 lbs $4.70
Oxtail 1.5 – 2.5 lbs $7.65
Other Beef Products Package size Price per lbs
Lean Ground Beef 1 lb $6.50
All Beef Sausages (summer only) Pkg of 4 $8.50
Stew 1 lb $7.65
Hamburger Patties Sleeve of 4oz 5 lbs (20 patties) $33.85
Hamburger Patties Sleeve of 6oz 5 lbs (13 patties) $33.85
Soup Bones 1 lb $2.80
Liver 1 lb $2.35
Kidney 1 lb $4.70
Heart 3-4 lb $4.50
Tongue 2-3 lb $2.30
Freezer Packages Description Price per lbs
Small Freezer Package (12 lbs) Includes 5 lbs. of ground beef, 1 lb of stew, 2-3 lbs of steak, 3-4 lbs. of roast. $108.00
Larger Freezer Package Packages available by the ¼ , ½ or whole side, please contact us for the current price. Contact


Organic Rustic Ranger Chickens

(Pasture raised on the farm from April to October)

Based on available inventory after November 1st.

Organic Chickens Package size Price per lb
Whole Frozen Chicken 4.5 lbs to 7.5 lbs $6.75/lb
1/2 Frozen Chicken 2.75 lbs to 4.25 lbs $8.10/lb
Breasts 2 Per Bag $10.50/lb
Thighs & Legs (1/4 leg pkg) 2 Per Bag $7.50/lb
Wings 2 lbs pkg $7.50/lb
Chicken Feet 2 lb pkg $3.00/lb
Heart / Liver 2 lb pkg $5.50/lb

Fresh Turkey

Organic Orlopp Bronze Turkeys

(Pasture raised on the farm from April to October)
Ready for pick up on the Friday of the Thanksgiving weekend

Limited quantity of pasture raised turkeys, please call us to reserve one, on a first come basis.

Whole Turkey 8 lbs to 14 lbs $7.00/lb

Dorper Sheep by Thorpe Farms

Pasture raised on a 100% grass diet in Odessa, Ontario

In-Store Pricing

Lamb Package size Price per lb
Lamb Crown (Frenched) $
Leg Roast 3-4 lbs $
Loin Chops 1 lb $
Stew 1 lb $
Ground 1 lb $

Heritage Tamworth Pork by South 50 Farms

Raised cage free, humanaley, Organic in a regenerative holistic
farm located in Port Hope Northumberland County

In-Store Pricing

Pork Package size Price per lb
Ham Roast Bone In 3-4 lbs $
Ham Roast Boneless 3-4 lbs $
Gluten Free Honey Garlic Sausages pkg of 4 $
Gluten Free Italian Sausages pkg of 4 $
Maple Breakfast Sausages pkg of 8 $
Bacon 1 lb $

Brown Eggs – Free Range

(Pasture raised during summer, winter the layers are outside with the cattle)
Red Sex Links hens raised on the farm all year
Certified Organic Feed, Free Range

Organic Eggs Size Price per Dozen
Eggs 1 Dozen $5.75
Pickled Eggs 1L Jar $16.50 ea

Maple Syrup

Trees tapped traditionally and locally

1L:   $24.00

500ml:   $14.00

250ml:   $8.50


Skyward Apiaries, Ontario #1 Amber

Natural Wildflower Honey from the hills and valleys of Northumberland

Size Price
1 kg $22.00
500 grams $13.50

Adoro Olive Oils (EVOO) & Vinegars From Sudbury, Ontario

Single Varietal Olive Oils, Infused Olive Oils, Gourmet Oils
White Balsamic, Dark Balsamic, Specialty Vinegars

Size Price per Bottle
750 ml $34.00
375 ml $22.00
200 ml $15.00
60 ml $6.50

Apple Pies

Frozen made with our own Macintosh apples regular crust and gluten free crust

Available October and December *must be pre-ordered

Apple Pies 3 lbs to 4 lbs $16.50

Pickled Veggies

Pickled Beets, Dill Pickles, Relish, Bread & Butter, Zucchini Dill, Zucchini Relish,
Zucchini Bread & Butter, Pickled Green & Yellow Beans.

Pickled Veggies Price Per Jar
1 liter $16.65
500ml $8.90
250ml $5.55

Segovia Organic Arabica Whole Coffee Beans

Roasted in Brampton, Ontario

Organic Medium Roast Size Price
Whole Bean 90g $9.00
Organic Espresso Size Price
Whole Bean 360g $18.50

The Shortbread Company

Gourmet handmade shortbread cookies made by a mother daughter team right here in Northumberland County. Assortment of flavours include; classic, dark chocolate with pecan toffee, lemon, lime, dark chocolate with fleur de sel, chocolate orange, maple.

Mini Cookie Jar (Approx 35 cookies) Price
16oz Jar $12.00

Loongsong Rolled Oats & Red Fife Wheat Flour

Heather Thoma and Paul Salanki of Loonsong Farm are doing most of their farming in Northumberland County, growing and milling organic grains.

Organic Rolled Oats Size Price
1 kg $8.5o
2.5 kg $15.50
Red Fife Organic Wheat Flour Size Price
2.5 kg $

Fleur de Sel , Salt Spring Island, BC

Salt Spring Island Sea Salt is made with the finest hand-harvested
fleur de sel crystals and infused with locally sourced ingredients..

Flavours Size Price
Natural 45 kg $12.75
Chocolate 45 kg $12.75
Smoked Mesquite 45 kg $12.75
Jalapeno Lime 45 kg $12.75

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