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Organically Fed Laying Hens , Summer Mobile Home

Our laying hens’ summer mobile home is moved onto fresh grass every day, providing them with the best environment possible. Each day the new grass offers the layers a feast of worms, insects, clover, timothy alfalfa, birdsfoot trefoil and legumes that give the layers a variety of micro-nutrients that they need. The hens enjoy spending their days outside because it gives them the space to forage and engage in other natural behaviours. The eggs from these layers are happier and healthier than ever before!

In the winter months, our chickens enjoy our produce compost in addition to their regular feed. Throughout the year, manure compost from our chickens and cows is spread in our vegetable garden and hay fields, while our compost from our house is recycled back into the garden.

We value transparency when letting you know where your food comes from. Our cattle and chickens are fed grass that is free from any pesticides, herbicides or toxins because we believe a healthy diet for them is a healthy diet for us. We allow nature to be as productive as it can be without the use of any growth hormones or additives.

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