Aird Family Farm

All natural, regenerative farming in the heart of Northumberland County, Ontario.

We stand for:
Quality of life for our animals, Regenerative modes of production,
Natural and local products to our community.


Aird Family Farm has remained a family owned operation over a span of 5 generations. Established in 1885 we continue to be committed to producing natural and sustainable food. From our maple syrup and vegetables, to our laying hens and meat chickens to our purebred Black Angus beef, we take pride in offering farm to table options to our community.

Our Products

Variety At Its Finest

At our farm, our animals are provided with lots of space to roam freely. Our cattle are pastured from May to November and for the winter months they are given areas to rest indoors with fresh straw bedding. All our chickens are given grassed areas to spend their days during the warm months. Throughout the rest of the year they are allowed to roam the barnyard with the cattle. At night they return to their coop where they are protected from predators.

Grass Fed Beef

Our cattle are raised on a 100% grass diet.


The White Rock breed of chicken are typically bred for optimal health and size to produce a quality product for consumption.

Maple Syrup

We tap and collect our maple sap the “old fashion way”.

Seasonal Vegetables

Our garden is fertilized using only compost that we make on the farm.


We use Red Sex-Link Laying Hens, this comes from crossing two heritage chicken breeds pedigree: Rhode Island Red rooster and Delaware hen.


Grass Fed

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